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That’s the exact spot where I realized that she played the mom on suite life of zack and cody

thats the exact moment i realised sam had no idea what a ‘mom voice’ was

who gave you the right

Sam didn’t have a mom? Excuse me,

Let’s not ferget the parenting skills he displayed with a baby, we can only assume he honed those from when he took care of Sam:

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September 18th
Destiel Day

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"What kind of fanfiction do you like best?"

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based on this text post because that shit is CUTE AS HELL DAMMIT

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The Black Widow is a legend. Some folk think you kill a legend, you’ll become one, too. But that’s not how it works. Legends aren’t made so cheap. And legends always die hard.

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As I understood it, you could donate or dump ice on your head… So I donated…Maybe I’ll surprise you come winter time and jump in a lake “Ice bucket challenge, remember??”
Jensen on ice bucket challenge (via castielwinchesterofficial)

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